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If you’re going to Dreamforce, love to post pictures through social media, and want a sweet piece of Appirio gear, then we have the contest for you.



Appirio Dreamforce T-Shirts are back...with a twist!

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We know that many of you love collecting the Appirio Dreamforce T-Shirt. This year we will be giving away collectable, one of a kind shirts at different times throughout the confernce. Follow us at @appirio on twitter to find out when.


Dreamforce T-Shirts
We're very much looking forward to hearing our customer, ACT, speak in the Salesforce Platform Keynote today at 2 pm in Moscone South's main keynote room. John Corrigan VP, Customer Engagement at ACT, will share his insights on how you can embrace these technologies to innovate and move faster than your competition. The panel will cover how to build connected apps for the next generation of devices and bring your entire organization closer to your customers, partners, and products.

To learn more about the work Appirio did with ACT, please watch our Customer Highlight Corner video below. 

By Sal Partovi (@spartovi)

This year at Dreamforce, Salesforce announced “Salesforce1”, a new platform for connecting apps, services, and the internet-of-things. Or to look at it another way, imagine an Internet enabled world, where customers and objects are all interconnected and managed with a centralized system.

What does this mean?

Our Spokes partner, BrivoLabs, has been innovating in the Internet-of-things space for a while now. The company’s innovative SAM (social access management) platform provides contextual security and access control that fits the way we live today. It manages your everyday access needs using social and business networks to interact with buildings, businesses and public places.
To oversimplify – the physical world is becoming more and more interconnected to the virtual one. Using platforms and APIs to create apps that harness that information will be invaluable. On that same vein, being able to analyze the massive amounts of big data that will be created from people interacting with the physical world everyday will separate those that innovate for the future and those that simply watch time pass by.

How will this affect development teams?

Salesforce has been a technology front-runner and pioneer for over a decade, turning “cloud” into a mainstream word, and forever changing the way we look at business applications and platforms.
Salesforce is committing to 10X the API functionality with their new platform. Development teams looking to take advantage of the exploding API marketplace, which will only be furthered by the continuing growth of mobile and the new Internet-of-things market, will need to evolve the way they think about creating code. Companies can no longer afford to simply rely on being a .NET/Java/Oracle or even Salesforce shop. The myriad of people and objects interacting with each other will create even more layers of diversity amongst technology platforms....

To read this post in its entirety, please visit the TopCoders Blog.

By Paul Deschenes

In today’s “Customer First” business world, there are many internal pressures to provide information to users about the entire customer experience with your company. The problem is much of this information is stored in disparate, siloed applications scattered across your enterprise. Extracting information from multiple systems can be difficult and usually it’s hard to present the information in the right context with other customer information in departmental applications. The effort to integrate all the applications necessary to provide a 360 degree customer view, in context, where you want to see it, can be a DAUNTING exercise for IT.

For example, JDS Uniphase, a large communications technology company wanted to deploy Salesforce.com in order to modernize and transform the way their sales organization operated to become a customer-focused company. The transformation had to get done in weeks and months, not months and years. A key element of this effort’s success was finding a way to extend JDS Uniphase’s significant investment in Oracle EBS and the functions that their ERP system performed for them. Traditionally we may have used Web Tabs or an iFrame in Salesforce with some javascript tricks, but that was missing deep context, security and user interface flexibility. It could also be difficult to author and cumbersome to maintain. The solution turned out to be Salesforce’s new Force.com Canvas functionality.

To read more about JDSU's use of Force.com Canvas, please visit Appirio's Blog Post "Using Force.com Canvas to Integrate Salesforce with Oracle for Quoting: Lessons from JDS Uniphase".

If you are interested in hearing more about how JDS Uniphase is reimagining their sales process and customer experience with cloud and social technologies, catch Andrew Randall in his session, Integrate Third-party Web Apps Using Force.com Canvas on Thursday, November 21st from 11:30-12:30pm at Moscone West 3014.

Paul Deschenes is a Business Architect in Appirio’s Salesforce consulting practice. Paul has been a Salesforce.com consultant and Appexchange partner since 2006.

#DFTee Photo Contest - Believe in Your Selfie!

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Registered for Dreamforce? Check!
Twitter account? Check!
Appirio T-shirt or swag?.....Check?

If you’re going to Dreamforce, love to post pictures through social media, and want a sweet piece of Appirio gear, then we have the contest for you.

Come by the Appirio booth at Dreamforce and pick up a T-Shirt during the designated time frame, or grab a cool piece of Appirio swag from the...wait for it...Appirio. Vending. Machine! Yeah, that’s right, we have an Appirio vending machine, and it's chock full of goodies for you.

So if you miss out on a chance to grab one of the limited edition Appirio Dreamforce shirts during the giveaway, you can get a shirt or piece of swag of your choice from the Appirio vending machine instead. But wait...there’s more. If you take a pic of you with your awesome new swag or wearing your Appirio Dreamforce shirt and post it to Twitter using the hashtag #Appirio, you could win a $500 AMEX gift card.

Appirio will select two (2) winners who have the most creative photos of them and their swag to win a $500 AMEX gift card. Two winners will be selected on Friday Nov 22nd for the best picture taken of/with their swag while at Dreamforce. All prizes offered above will be awarded, and prizes will be delivered to winners via email. Appirio will post a full list of the contest winners on Dreamforce Central, by Dec 1, 2013.

So be sure to swing by the Appirio booth W507 in Moscone West to pick up your shirt or piece of swag and snap a cool photo for your chance to win! We look forward to seeing you at Dreamforce 2013!

Additional Terms and Conditions:

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Every year at Dreamforce, Salesforce highlights companies who are harnessing the power of cloud and social technology to change their business. Education Management Corporation, also known as EDMC, is one such organization that is changing the way students learn. With more than 130,000 students attending one of EDMC’s four higher education schools, EDMC is the second largest private sector educational provider in the United States. Recently, I spoke with Tracey Zimmerman, VP of Student Experience and Innovation, about how EDMC is harnessing the power of cloud and social technology, through Salesforce Communities, to connect students, faculty and staff like never before.

Q: Set the stage for us. What was the challenge you were seeing in regard to interacting with students?

A: One of our educational systems, Argosy University, has 28 campus locations, as well as a fully online program. With any program, you run the risk of students not being engaged and as a result, failing to progress and graduate--this is an even greater challenge for fully online programs. Argosy was launching a brand new competency-based MBA program designed for working professionals who can apply their experience and prior knowledge to test out of previously mastered subjects and focus their time on unfamiliar areas. This type of program gives students control over how quickly they earn a degree. Because each student progresses at their own pace, it is even more difficult than with a cohort-based online program for students to connect with each other, faculty, and staff. Our goal is to make sure all students persist, progress, and graduate, so we needed to provide a community-like experience where students can support one another, network with faculty and fellow students, and really get the most out of their MBA program from both a curriculum and a community perspective.

To read this interview in it's entirety, please visit the Appirio Cloud Powered Business Blog.

Also be sure to catch Tracey at Dreamforce in the Salesforce Communities Keynote: Reimagine Every Touchpoint on Monday, November 18th from 2:30-3:30pm in the Palace Hotel Grand Ballroom, where she will be discussing how EDMC is reimagining the student experience with cloud and social technologies.

Dreamforce Trend Watch: The Future of Sales Enablement

Posted by Jason Dent On 11/13/2013 08:00:00 AM
By Jason Corsello, VP of Corporate Strategy & Marketing, Cornerstone OnDemand

At last year’s Dreamforce, we talked with a lot of attendees who were interested in improving their sales enablement initiatives. In today’s competitive market, winning or losing often comes down to having the right knowledge and information, at the right time. 

Over the past decade, learning and development has moved from a throw-it-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks approach (or one living exclusively under a dark cloud of compliance risk) to a much more strategic focus on real-time learning and training embedded directly within valued business applications such as Salesforce.com.

Learning and education must happen in real-time and at the moment of real need. If your organization can weave this into specific business processes like sales enablement, you will see an impact on the bottom line.

Futurist Glen Hiemstra recently weighed in on the ways the global economy has changed the very nature of work and why continuous, real-time learning is critical to success. In his blog, Glen talks about how we’ve moved into an economic era called “knowledge value revolution” (a term coined by Taichi Sakaiya). The key here is that the ability of a company, organization or employee to succeed depends on their ability to acquire new knowledge on a continuous basis and apply that knowledge in an effective way.

Learning Is as Important as Ever (But How We Learn Has Changed Dramatically)

If we accept that success in our businesses will increasingly depend on real-time and continuous knowledge acquisition, we need to stop right now and reconsider how we develop learning programs.

MTV’s “No Collar Worker” survey reveals, for example, that 89 percent of Millennial employees – who will comprise 75 percent of all employees by 2025 – think that it is important to be constantly learning at their job. No more sporadic, periodic, one-size-fits-all corporate training.

Learning today must become:
· Continuous;
· Socially enabled;
· Collaborative;
· On-demand;
· Contextually perfect; and
· Embedded where we actually work.
That last item is especially critical. “Just-in-time training” alone is no longer good enough. We need to start learning at the point of greatest possible impact – in the very applications and process that define our jobs. That’s when learning drives performance and delivers a tangible return.

Revolutionizing Sales Enablement with Embedded Learning

Cornerstone for Salesforce responds directly to this push toward embedded, continuous learning. Cornerstone for Salesforce seamlessly embeds learning management directly into the Salesforce Platform, so that clients can tailor training programs for their sales and service organizations and provide contextually relevant access to sales enablement and just-in-time training from within Salesforce.

The goal is to help organizations maximize their investments in CRM while cultivating a more dynamic, social learning culture.

The “knowledge value revolution” that Hiemstra discusses above demands that sales enablement organizations and employees be able to acquire new knowledge on a continuous basis and apply that knowledge in an effective way. To that end, Cornerstone for Salesforce deploys high-powered training and onboarding programs that are:
· Relevant;
· Social;
· Collaborative; and
· Embedded in how salespeople work every day.
The concepts of continuous or on-demand learning are critical to the future of work. Cornerstone for Salesforce tackles this challenge head-on to revolutionize the way the most successful teams share and deliver knowledge.

Embedded Learning Responds to Workplace Shifts

Our approach to application-specific embedded learning responds directly to the evolution we’re seeing in the workplace across the board. The recent State of Workplace Productivity Report found that today’s workers are hyper-connected and often overloaded with technology and information. In fact, we found that it is the tech-savvy Millennials who are feeling the most overwhelmed from being “always on” versus their older colleagues.

A culture of context-sensitive, continuous learning is critical to facing some of the challenges highlighted in the survey:

· Information and technology overload means we must work and learn smarter – and it must be embedded and streamlined into everyday workflows.

· 56 percent of employees would use wearable tech if it enabled better job performance – and what is more context-sensitive that that?

· Employees are “multi-screen multitasking” – that is, using multiple devices for work and bringing their own devices to work. All this sets the state for continuous, anytime, anyplace learning.

· What employees say matters most when it comes to work applications is convenient access to information (73 percent) and the ability to be more productive on the job (62 percent).

Embedding learning into processes so that employees seamlessly learn while working – and work while learning – is as fundamental to the future as ever before, and now possible in ways that were not available until recently.

Read more about Cornerstone’s new State of Workplace Productivity Report.

As a Cornerstone OnDemand partner, Appirio works with Cornerstone’s clients and prospects to design and deliver a comprehensive and highly impactful talent and learning management solution. Keep an eye out for Cornerstone at Appirio events during this year's Dreamforce as they will be heavily involved.

By Sara Campbell

If you have at least one Dreamforce under your belt, does that make you a veteran? In the case of Kaye Stambaugh and her team from HD Supply, I’d say so. I spent a few minutes with Kaye chatting about her advice on getting the most from Dreamforce and what she is particularly looking forward to this year.

Q: Last year was your team’s inaugural visit to Dreamforce. What was your strategy for getting the most out of the event and has it changed at all for Dreamforce 2013?

A: I have to admit, last year as a rookie, it was totally overwhelming. It is an enormous conference--so many people, sessions, activities. It was hard to know where to start and whittling it down to what was core for our team was a task in itself. With 15 of us there, we took the divide and conquer approach, each attending sessions specific to our roles and responsibilities. And when we returned to the office after the conference we held a sort of mini-Dreamforce amongst ourselves, sharing what we learned in the hands-on tutorials and best practice sessions while we were there. It worked really well for us last year and with a similar sized group in tow this year, we’ll take the same approach. It’s the best way to get the most out of the event.

Q: You’re speaking in a session this year. What will you be sharing?

A: We automated quoting for our Renovation group with the help of Force.com and mobile technology. Previously, our field reps used clipboards and pens when onsite with customers. After taking down what the customer needed, they would return to the office, only to access several different systems to get the data they needed before finally generating a quote many days later. It was ridiculous that it took that long and our business was beginning to suffer because of it. Our reps were familiar with Salesforce anyway, so providing them with a company-issued iPad with a mobile app that allowed them to generate quotes on the spot was a no brainer. I’ll be talking about what went into creating the mobile app, lessons we learned along the way and how the real-time visibility through reporting and analytics is really helping us achieve success.

I think no matter the industry, it is clear that mobile is changing the way enterprises do business. Whether it be a mobile app that enables sales reps in the field or a customer facing app, it is really a critical component to serving both your internal and external stakeholders.

Q: What are you most excited about for Dreamforce 2013?

A: I am really excited to share our story of success and offer others insight and best practices into deploying a mobile solution in the enterprise, as well as how to get the most out of it. But beyond that, I am always interested in hearing what others are doing. No matter what the industry or use case, I often find I can pick out a spark of an idea from what others are doing and that can lead to a full on initiative. This year in particular, my goal is to learn as much as I can about gamification. In working with our own sales force, it is important to keep them motivated and gamification is one way we’ll be looking to do that in the future.

If you are interested in hearing more about how HD Supply reimagined its business with cloud and mobile technologies, catch one of Kaye’s in demand sessions at Dreamforce, “Effective Real Time Decision Making through Mobile Analytics” which will be featured on Tuesday, November 19th back-to-back at 2:00pm and 3:00pm respectively.