#DFTee - Believe in your selfie!

Posted by Appirio On 11-13-2013

If you’re going to Dreamforce, love to post pictures through social media, and want a sweet piece of Appirio gear, then we have the contest for you.



Appirio Dreamforce T-Shirts are back...with a twist!

Posted by Appirio On 9-12-2013

We know that many of you love collecting the Appirio Dreamforce T-Shirt. This year we will be giving away collectable, one of a kind shirts at different times throughout the confernce. Follow us at @appirio on twitter to find out when.


Dreamforce T-Shirts

We Love our Customers

Posted by Kirk Crenshaw On 11/04/2008 09:36:00 AM
Marc Benioff is onstage as I type this, speaking about the importance of turning customers into evangelists. How's this for an example:

Yesterday I attended a Service and Support breakout session where one of our customers presented. He demonstrated a customization that one of our consultants developed, then paused.

"I'm going not going to wait until the end of my speech to share my take-aways with you," he said.
I want to share a take-away right now, and this is it: When someone tries to tell you about the things that aren't possible in Salesforce, don't pay any attention. Call Glenn Weinstein at Appirio, and he'll find a way to make it possible.
I was seated next to Glenn at that moment, and we turned to look at each other. "Now that's a customer," Glenn said. It was a great moment, and one we'll try to repeat as often as we can.